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11 September 2019

A deep learning model for early tooth decay detection

Tooth decay (dental caries) is a major global public health problem and according to the WHO is the most widespread non-transmissible disease in the world. Transillumination with near-infrared light imaging (TI) has been shown to be effective in the vital early detection of tooth decay. Applying translational research and technology, scientists from the EPFL Blue Brain Project and the University of Geneva have collaborated to develop a new deep learning model for the automated detection and localization of dental lesions in TI images.

30 August 2019

Blue Brain finds the secret to how neurons in the mouse neocortex form billions of synaptic connections

Researchers at EPFL’s Blue Brain Project, a Swiss brain research Initiative have combined two high profile, large-scale datasets to produce something completely new – a first draft model of the rules guiding neuron-to-neuron connectivity of a whole mouse neocortex.  Based on these rules, they were able to generate statistical instances of the micro-connectome of 10 million neurons, a model spanning five orders of magnitude and containing 88 billion synaptic connections that will serve as the basis of the world’s largest-scale simulations of detailed neural circuits.

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