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28 November 2018

Blue Brain Project releases first-ever digital 3D brain cell atlas

The first digital 3D atlas of every cell in the mouse brain provides neuroscientists with previously unavailable information on major cell types, numbers and positions in all 737 brain regions – which will potentially accelerate progress in brain science massively. Released by EPFL’s Blue Brain Project and published in Frontiers in Neuroinformatics, the Blue Brain Cell Atlas integrates data from thousands of whole brain tissue stains into a comprehensive, interactive and dynamic online resource that can continuously be updated with new findings. This groundbreaking digital atlas can be used for analyzing and further modeling specific brain areas, and is a major step toward a full simulation of the rodent brain.

9 November 2018

Blue Brain at Cité des Métiers November 2018

The Blue Brain Project will be part of the Nomads Foundation exhibition ‘Futur des métiers’ at the Cité des Métiers taking place in the Palexpo Exhibition Centre, Geneva, Switzerland this November. The Cité des Métiers is Switzerland’s largest exhibition of professions, trades and training where adults and students can see various jobs in action and ask advice from professionals in their respective fields. On the exhibition stand, Blue Brain will be taking visitors on an exciting journey into the interior of the rodent brain. Visitors will have the possibility to view images showing digital reconstructions of areas of the rodent brain and through a digital 3D Cell Atlas, to discover the number, types, and positions of cells in all areas of the mouse brain.

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