Brain Molecular Atlas

The open source Brain Molecular Atlas is a simulation-ready database to accelerate molecular and systems biology.

Blue Brain scientists performed an extensive meta-analysis to integrate protein and metabolite quantitative data from publicly available resources and created this simulation-ready database to support more standardized and comparable molecular and systems biology studies.

To see the protein concentrations in different brain regions, visit the Blue Brain Cell Atlas.

The Blue Brain Cell Atlas is the first digital 3D cell atlas of the whole mouse brain. It provides neuroscientists with a unique insight into the cellular composition of the mouse brain. Users can view and download the number, major types and 3D positions of all neurons and glia in all 737 areas of the mouse brain.

To see the protein concentrations in different subcellular location and whole cells of neuron and astrocyte, visit the Blue Brain Protein Atlas.

The Blue Brain Protein Atlas is a unique resource that visually provides quantitative insights into proteins composition of neurons and astrocytes including some subcellular level details


Shichkova P, Coggan JS, Markram H and Keller D (2021) A Standardized Brain Molecular Atlas: A Resource for Systems Modeling and Simulation. Front. Mol. Neurosci. 10 November 2021 |