Blue Brain Mouse whole-neocortex connectome model

The structure of synaptic connections between neurons shapes their activity and function. Measuring a comprehensive snapshot of this so-called connectome has yet to be accomplished. As a complementary approach to the rapidly evolving methods of measurement in this field, Blue Brain has developed an advanced null model of the connectome.

The Mouse whole-neocortex connectome model integrates data from two recent datasets – the Allen Mouse Brain Connectivity Atlas and Janelia MouseLight – to identify and parameterize principles of neocortical connectivity. Statistical connectome instances compatible with the principles and at sub-cellular resolution are then generated. They will serve as a null model to compare future measurements against and to enable whole-neocortex simulations of brain activity.

More about the model can be found in the following paper.

A null model of the mouse whole-neocortex micro-connectome

Mouse whole-neocortex connectome recipe

The connectome recipe is a machine-readable way to parameterize the principles of mouse neocortical connectivity the Blue Brain Project has identified. It specifies and constrains thousands of projections between individual brain regions and sub-regions in terms of strength, layer profiles in the target region, topographical mapping and the targeting of individual neurons. As more data becomes available, we will update the recipe and release future versions; the current version is 1.15.

Click here for the recipe

An explanation of the recipe format can be found here.

The code parameterizing the biological principles and generating the recipe can be found on the BlueBrain github page

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Mouse whole-neocortex connectome instances

We also provide several instances of mouse whole-neocortex connectomes at cellular resolution. Connectomes were generated by combining the principles parameterized in the recipe above with a neocortex model built upon the Blue Brain Cell Atlas

To download an instance, proceed to the Connectome Instances page