Circuit Model Suite

A suite to build, analyze and visualize circuits.


CoreNEURON is a compute engine for the NEURON simulator optimised for both memory usage and computational speed. Its goal is to simulate large cell networks with small memory footprint and optimal performance.

Blue Brain Brayns

Blue Brain’s Brayns interactive ray tracing can highlight areas of the circuits where cells touch each other and where synapses are being created. In combination with ‘global illumination,’ which uses light, shadow, and depth of field effects to simulate photo-realistic images, this technique makes it easier to visualize how the neurons function. Brayns provides an abstraction of the underlying rendering engines, so that the best possible acceleration libraries can be used for the relevant hardware.

As a minimalistic library that allows optimized ray tracing rendering of meshes and parametric geometry, Brayns makes it possible to use the best rendering engine depending on the case.


Blue Brain Simulation and Neural network Analysis Productivity layer (Blue Brain SNAP).

Blue Brain SNAP is a Python library for accessing BlueBrain circuit models represented in SONATA format.


A C++ / Python reader for SONATA circuits