Online Tools

The online tools available to assist users with simulation neuroscience are a collection of platforms and atlases from the Blue Brain and our collaborators.

Blue Brain Nexus

Blue Brain Nexus has been built to organize, store and process exceptionally large volumes of data and support usage by a broad number of users. Blue Brain Nexus enables data-driven science through searching, integrating and tracking large-scale data and models.

Blue Brain Cell Atlas

The Blue Brain Cell Atlas is the first digital 3D cell atlas of the whole mouse brain. It provides neuroscientists with a unique insight into the cellular composition of the mouse brain. Users can view and download the number, major types and 3D positions of all neurons and glia in all 737 areas of the mouse brain.

HBP Neurorobotics Platform

The HBP Neurorobotics Platform is a set of software tools that allows you to test neural network models in sensory-motor tasks, by connecting them to virtual robots that operate in dynamic environments. The Neurorobotics Platform supports the full modelling workflow, from the design to the 3D visualization of in silico experiments. All features are documented and tutorial videos show how to get started and guide you through the different steps of setting up and running Neurorobotics experiments. The Neurorobotics Platform is developed together with the EU Flagship Human Brain Project.


Channelpedia is a web based, freely accessible information management framework for comprehensive ion channel information. It uses a unique approach to manage scientific information by combining the functionality of unstructured wiki-like data with the advantage of a structured database. Currently it contains information for voltage gated ion channels, kinetic models and electrophysiology data from Kv channels.

HBP Brain Simulation Platform

The Blue Brain Project is a key contributor to the Human Brain Project Brain Simulation Platform since its inception. Its purpose is to provide an internet-accessible collaborative  designed for reconstruction and simulation of brain models. The Platform comprises a suite of software tools and workflows for collaborative brain research to allow researchers to reconstruct and simulate detailed multi-level models of the brain, displaying emergent structures and behaviours. Models can be simulated and reconstructed at different levels of description, from abstract to highly detailed molecular and cellular models. Researchers can choose the level of detail they need according to the scientific questions in mind. The tools provided by the Brain Simulation Platform allow researchers to perform in silico experiments to validate models, and to perform investigations that are not possible in the laboratory. Many tools developed by the Blue Brain Project are made available through this platform and future tools are collaboratively developed in that context to be available on the platform.