Vasculature Suite

Vasculature Suite is a set of tools created by the Blue Brain Project to process and visualize large-scale morphological reconstructions of the brain vasculature.


A toolbox for reading, writing, and manipulating large-scale vasculature graphs.

Digital morphology reconstructions of the brain vasculature are cyclic graph-like structures embedded in the 3D space. Depending on the use-case, they can be either represented as points linked together with edges or as graphs of connected sections (sequences of non-branching consecutive points). Conversion between representations requires a bi-directional mapping, often challenging to obtain. vascpy is a python library for reading, writing, and manipulating large-scale vasculature graphs. It allows for converting between segment and section-centered representations and reading and writing from and to multiple file formats.

H5 Vasc Graph


VessMorphoVis is an integrated suite of toolboxes for interactive visualization and analysis of vast brain vascular networks represented by morphological graphs segmented originally from imaging or microscopy stacks. Our workflow leverages the outstanding potentials of Blender, aiming to establish an integrated, extensible and domain-specific framework capable of interactive visualization, analysis, repair, high-fidelity meshing and high-quality rendering of vascular morphologies. VessMorphoVis is developed as an extension to its sister NeuroMorphoVis.